C6 Corvette Z06 ZO6 ZR1 Grand Sport Carbon Fiber HydroGraphics / Custom Painted Bumper Emblem

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  • Corvette C6 Front and/or Rear Fascia Bumper Emblem finished in any of our Carbon Fiber HydroGraphics Finishes or Custom Painted to Match
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Fits Any Model Corvette C6
  • Installs with Supplied Double Sided Tape
  • Aftermarket Emblem
  • Priced PER Emblem

Water Transfer Printing (Hydroimaging or Camo Dipping) is a surface decoration technology that uses a specialized film printed with natural designs, such as Carbon Fiber, Brushed Aluminum, Camouflage, Burl Wood, Walnut or Marble) and geometrical designs to decorate nearly any substrates. We can do Dash kits, auto interiors, architecture, handles, switches and many daily applications lend themselves to the film dipping process. Water Transfer Printing and Hydrographics can be applied to materials such as plastics, metals, wood, etc and is able to coat complex three dimensional shapes with very high quality. It creates new color and appearance on the printed product and enhances its value. You can see a colorful world with Water Transfer Printing,  Hydrographics, and Hydro Imaging.

Please contact us if you have a part you would like to send in for any custom finish

FAQ’s about the Hydrographics Process
Is the finish durable? Absolutely! We use only the highest grade materials.  After all items are dipped, they receive a clear coat finish in either a gloss, flat, or matte finish.  The clear coats used are the same that are used in the automotive industry and marine industries.  Interior products have a lifetime warranty against defect in our workmanship and Exterior Automotive parts carry a 5 year warranty against defect in our workmanship, unless otherwise stated.  We stand behind our work!
Can you reprint parts? Yes we can!  Almost any part already finished can be re-finished without much difficulty, price quotes would be on a case by case basis
What types of items can be Finished? A wide variety of flat or 3-D shapes and manufacturing materials such as plastics, metals, woods, glass,  etc. can be finished.  Everything from sunglasses, to home furniture, to your custom car, boat, truck or motorcycle parts can be finished with ease.
What is the turn around time on my product?  Due to the high volume of custom work we have on a daily basis, we do make every effort to have your products finished and sent back to you 2 – 4 weeks after its arrival in our shop, however, some orders can take longer
How much does it cost for other parts ? Due to the unique nature of custom work, estimates are given on a per item per job basis.  The prep time, size and the complexity of the item or items being printed are the main focus for determining cost.  Volume orders are also bid individually.
Can we change the color of a pattern?  Yes and No.  Some patterns allow for the base tone to be changed so that you can achieve a wide variety of colorful looks.  While other patterns such as branded camouflage pattern require us to use a standardized base tone due to licensing regulations.  Contact for more information if you have a particular product you are unsure about.
If i want to send in my own parts, Do they need to be disassembled? This is highly recommended. All parts should be sent in a “Ready to Finish” condition. Please be sure to only send in cleaned items and to Only send the pieces & parts that are going to be printed.  Any part needing disassembly will incur additional labor charges for removal and and reassembling after finishing.

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