Liquid wrap(s), also known as “dips” is the generic term to describe a removable coating which is sprayed onto a surface. The term “dip” or “dipping” makes reference to where the industry began, when people realized they could use this in the Automotive Industry, it took off, from temporarily changing the color of wheels and trim and eventually entire vehicles. Today, with companies like Autoflex Coatings, these liquid wrap products composition and quality have improved dramatically.

  • Full Body Vehicle Cleaning of All Body Panels, Surfaces to be Dipped
  • Overnight Drying
  • Full Pre Dip Prep of all Surfaces to be Dipped
  • All Taping Off of Vehicle Areas to include, but not limited to Wheels, Tires, Edges, Windows/Glass, Lights and Trim
  • A MINIMUM of the Required 10 Coats of your Chosen Liquid Wrap Color
  • 2 Layers of Topcoat
  • 3-5 Day Turnaround time

All  Starting pricing is based on  Standard  Single Colors Stock/Unmodified Small to Medium Sized 2 or 4 Door Car/Sedans. SUVs, Trucks, Speciality Vehicles, Jeep Wranglers, Hummers and Lifted Vehicles are additional and quoted specifically on your exact application. Custom Candy, ColorShift, HyperShift etc are additional

  • Standard Dip Jobs are dropped off on Mondays at 9:30am & typically ready Wednesday Afternoon
  • Same day service is not available
  • 100% of Payment is Required to book an appointment
  • $95.00 No Show/Rebooking Fee will Apply
  • Pick up and/or Trailered (Open or Enclosed) Delivery is Available within the State of Florida


Autoflex Express’ reversible polymer coating offers a smooth yet tough exterior shell-like finish combining the latest advancements found in modern sealants and adhesives. You can completely change the look and feel of your vehicle, while also protecting the factory OEM finish.

Autoflex’s (AFX) coating is a tough, reversible coating developed to change, improve or enhance OEM factory components including clear-coated body panels, emblems, badges, grills, rims and disc brake calipers. When properly installed, this can provide long lasting protection, while also offering a distinct look and feel unlike any other finish.

AFX and DYC ProLine come in an assortment of primary colors, as well as options to include mixing flakes, pearls and compatible pigment systems increasing the available color pallet to an almost limitless amount of variety and complexity. 

The benefits are seen as two fold. Not only can you completely change the look and feel of your vehicle, and/or select parts of it, but also protect the factory OEM finish from the harsh elements found in many driving conditions today. Installed correctly, AFX is impervious to moisture, salts, acids and bases, thus offering an array of protection in the harshest environments. AFX can be used in a variety of other applications where protection from the elements is a must, such as track days for personal sports cars, off-road, marine and industrial applications.

While polymer film technology has been around for decades, the exterior automotive reversible polymer film industry is, in many respects, still in its infancy. Even the company who pioneered the RPCS is, to this day, making enhancements to their original formula. As this industry grows, innovation will lead the way, further legitimizing what’s quickly becoming one of most popular, eye-catching exterior automotive enhancements that car enthusiasts’ demand.


Customization and protection, all while being completely reversible. The liquid wrap can help protect the factory finish beneath from stone chips, light scratches and the elements. Great for work, off road, exotic and show car owners alike. Maybe you just want to change the color of your wheels, or roof, or black out your chrome and badges. Virtually any combination or look is achievable. Upgrade to a pro level finish, like AFX, which is UV Protected, can be sanded, buffed, polished and waxed; is fuel and solvent resistant; and is available in a Matte/Satin or High Gloss finish that rivals the looks, feel, and quality of a standard OEM Painted finish

Stats & Figures for AFX

  • High, Deep Gloss Finish
  • Remains flexible over time, will not get brittle or flaky
  • Sandable
  • Buffable
  • Waxable
  • Scratch & Mar Resistant
  • Gasoline Resistant
  • Auto-leveling for smooth finish
  • Hard, slick to the touch, similar to the feel of OEM Paint/Clearcoat
  • Crystal clear clarity
  • Up to (6) Wet Coats can be applied per application to be cut down for Mirror/Show Quality Finishes
  • Ceramic Pro™can be applied over Halo True Gloss 90 Days from Original Application

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