Corvette Carbon Fiber Parts

Categories: Performance Corvettes

Performance Corvettes offers the highest quality corvette carbon fiber parts and hydrocoating carbon fiber parts, which are more affordable than you may imagine. Whether you are looking for C6 Corvette carbon fiber parts, C5 Corvette carbon fiber parts, or hydrocoating of plastic, fiberglass, wood, or metal with a carbon fiber film, you’ll find the quality of workmanship unparallelled in the Corvete C6 and Corvette C5 community.

We have had a lot of inquiries as to what the difference is between buying carbon fiber parts for your Corvette when you actually purchase the car compared to carbon fiber film dipped parts. To put it simple terms, the look will be identical, but the cost will not be nearly the same. We have had hundreds of customers rave about the money they have saved by using our process of putting a carbon fiber film on fiberglass, wood, metal, or any other accessory in your Corvette

Our skilled technicians create a flawless carbon fiber coating on your Corvette that will turn heads. Feel free to inquire about pricing and turn around time so we can get you the carbon fiber look and feel in your car that people will notice.