Corvette C8: What to expect?

Categories: Performance Corvettes

Just a few days back, we saw the last Front-Engined Corvette C7 auctioned & sold Barrett-Jackson Northeast for an incredible $2.7 million to an American car collector. This was an end of an era for Chevrolet as they are never again going to build a front-engine Corvette.

Now, Chevrolet is all set to launch its much-hyped Corvette C8 which will be the first Corvette to feature a rear mid-engine.

As we expect, the taillights are the very important aspect of this rear mid-engine vehicle and it certainly has similarity with Chevrolet Camaro layouts. The Corvette C8 is believed to be powered somewhere in the range of 600 horsepower. On the other hand, rumors also state to have an entry level twin turbo V-6 motor & as well electric motors in the front wheels.

More detailing on the Corvette C8 power-train is still doubtful as there lies two theories, one being the transmission a new dual-clutch automatic from Tremec (TR-9007 seven-speed) and other being the new DOHC V-8 paired with 10-speed automatic developed by GM & Ford together.

It is still hazy which wheels are going to get the power but to be on the safe side we would say rear wheels are the ones. Although, the all-wheel drive could still be an option.

All Corvette lovers and enthusiasts will have to wait until July 18th to find out & explore the real Corvette C8 beyond all the rumors. Anyone will be able to watch Corvette C8 unveiling live online at 10.30 pm ET on July 18th, 2019.

The rear mid-engine is often considered as most optimal for high performance vehicles as proved over time by Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and Ford GT. This could be one reason to see the new Corvette C8 with a similar layout.